About Rin

こんにちは!Hello! My name’s Rin. I’m a 20 y.o uni student with an affinity for tea, coffee, and anything noodle.

This blog started off as a pixel website with a mini blog. Because of that, I started to love things related to design, especially web and graphic design. I also love learning new languages. I speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese in daily conversation level. My Chinese and Korean is still baby level, but I hope to improve them one day!

I’ve watched a lot of animes with genres varying from action/shonen to romance, which I don’t think I’ll stop watching it even if I grow old. I also read mangas but I still prefer watching if the anime version is available.

In my spare time, I either try to improve my Japanese language skills or sleep twelve hours straight like a mummy.


About Daily Monday

Daily Monday is a newly built WordPress blog in 2015, hosted by Misaki. It particularly means nothing, but I’d like to think it as a word with a positive nuance of starting anew each day. People might hate Mondays, but that is why I named my personal corner. I want it to be something that people look forward to each week. This site right now is a result of transferring from host to host, but my original blog started in 2008.

This site is listed on Bloglist.