Chuu 2017/2018 Winter Fashion Haul

Despite living in Japan, I’m not a really big fan of Japanese fashion style. I mean, I like brands such as Uniqlo for their simplicity in design and comfortable clothing, but after some time, I realize that most of their clothing lineups are the same and boring and repetitive. During my winter holidays, I was

Trying Out Jibun Techo

Yes. ‘Tis another post about planner, people. I was supposed to publish this back then in 2017 but then I just completely got swallowed by uni and sleeping during my winter holiday. So yeah, before my holiday ends I’m just gonna post a quick post about what this planner is and why I switched my main

The mandatory ‘2017 in a nutshell’

First of all, let me say sorry for maintaining my blog half-assedly (is that even a word). Lately, I just haven’t been able to get into the mood to continue blogging and keeping up with others. I know that I post sporadically and just a few human beings visit, read, and comment on my posts

Unboxing the Hobonichi 2018!

I finally placed my Hobonichi order on the 24th while I was still back in my home country. It took them just three days to ship the thing off and one day for it to reach my apartment! The package reached my place exactly one day after I returned to Japan so I was really