Exploring Nagasaki and Saga

This post is going to be about the trips that I made with my friend in Nagasaki and Saga during the beginning of February. I booked my hotel using Booking.com. We stayed at a small hostel named The Life Hostel which is really near to the Hakata station. The featured image of this post is

Chuu 2017/2018 Winter Fashion Haul

Despite living in Japan, I’m not a really big fan of Japanese fashion style. I mean, I like brands such as Uniqlo for their simplicity in design and comfortable clothing, but after some time, I realize that most of their clothing lineups are the same and boring and repetitive. During my winter holidays, I was

Trying Out Jibun Techo

Yes. ‘Tis another post about planner, people. I was supposed to publish this back then in 2017 but then I just completely got swallowed by uni and sleeping during my winter holiday. So yeah, before my holiday ends I’m just gonna post a quick post about what this planner is and why I switched my main

The mandatory ‘2017 in a nutshell’

First of all, let me say sorry for maintaining my blog half-assedly (is that even a word). Lately, I just haven’t been able to get into the mood to continue blogging and keeping up with others. I know that I post sporadically and just a few human beings visit, read, and comment on my posts